Leadership for leaders

It's easy, really: religions and politicians have been doing it for centuries. There's no big secret to "leadership" but you do need a bit of ability with words from time to time, either spoken or written. What you do not need is originality, humanity, big testicles, intelligence or any of those wonderful things you think real leaders (meaning yourself) have more than other people.All you do is pick clichés out of the ether, repackage them with some rhgetoric of dubious quality, act like you means it, if possible hold vague threats of some kind of power or seductive ability over your audience, and boy, they will follows you.Obama is the supreme example and he probably meant some of what he said. Bliar was the sort of leader who is all mouth and no trousers.Here in Random but Connected City what you need is to flatter your audience (sorry, to "inspire"). Just tell them how you want their dreams to come true and how following your enthusiastic lead will do it for them. Just imply that they're good enough for your kick-butt team or your leadership scheme of whatever hue. You can always reject the troublemakers in private.Just whip up enthusiasm, in fact. It's laughably simple and any fule can do it. Don't get all hung up "delivery"; that's history - this is the age of concept and (s)he who spins the most popular concepts into a vaguely sensible rallying cry will rise to the top, like scum on a boiled belly pork (with thanks to Rick Stein for that one; I don't eat fatty meat).Related item.