Leading a Movement or leading a Business - what is your mindset?

Over the last month I have been talking at events about the two types of entrepreneurs I meet, I have placed them in two categories1. The Change Maker2. The TraderOne leads a movement the other leads a business.each have to learn the other persons skills.- the Change Makers characteristics are passion, intent, emotion, drive, driven by the need to help weaknesses in society- the Traders intent is to make money, driven by commerce, transactions, processes and wealthBoth a great, society needs both.I am becoming increasingly curious about how we can blend these skills, the online social world requires emotional and conversational time and energy, however, I am very aware of the amount of time many are spending online with zero success, time is our most critical commodity, we need to ensure that we are using it wisely. Connecting is not enough just for the sake of connecting, nor is broadcasting your message, just for the sake of shouting.- creating Followers is about leading - in fact is about leading a movement- creating customers is about processes and funnels and ensuring that once a prospect is found that the company builds the trust and engagement to concert the saleI come across so any remarkable entrepreneurs everyday, online, at events, in 121's and it seems that the cross fertilisations of skills are needed. I wonder - is this the way we should Match Mentors to Start-Ups and Growing businesses?Any thoughts?warm regardsPenny PowerFounder of Ecademy and Digital Youth AcademyHelping you build social capital in your business and lifeFollow @pennypowerI support:Digital Business Britain Manifesto;&nbsp