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Let's say I'm a woman, right, and I want to "empower" myself....

What should I do?Is it empowering for me to sit around thinking bitterly about how unfair I was to be born female in a male dominated world? Or might that make me bitter, depressed, vengeful , mean of spirit and ugly of soul?Might it be empowering to fantasise about how free I am what with my entrepreneurial brilliance among the sisterhood of the we'll show 'em how it's done club? You know, I could make up stuff about how female business folks are more empathetic and stuff, if I truly believed that. You never know; it might help.Better yet I could deploy a killer combination of seductive feminine charms (because I've still got that, you know, even if I want to keep most of it to myself)... feminine charms plus ruthless carping bossiness (sorry, I mean leadership skills). Seems to have worked for a while for those women who got sacked from the editorship of big national newspapers (BECAUSE OF MALE CORRUPTION, obviously).Nah, I think I'll just use a load of coarse language to prove that I'm a "big swinging dick" like the men only much better because I've got female intuition and unlike them I'm not guilty for wars and rape and building railways and houses and schools and all that useless toil and slaughter and pillage that men do because they're bad, wrong and different from us, aren't they, girls?Emile Pankhurst must be turning in her grave. What a load of tripe they do speak these days.