Like or Unlike - New Domain Names!

Like or Unlike - New Domain Names!

2013 has been scheduled to release a whole new host of domain names and you may well be thinking

“Not another load of NEW domains that I have to buy”

Well on one hand your right, it is a chore having to buy up domain names just to keep your business name secure but on the other hand have you seen how hard it is today to buy a new domain.

Probably 95% of the names you can think of as a TLD (top level domain, country codes, etc) have been taken.  If your extremely lucky you may well find the less popular TLD available such as .biz or .net but it could be a compromise.  Other then that you’ll have to get creative by adapting your domain name or go the whole hog and change your business name altogether, just to secure a good domain name.

The introduction of new domain extensions is not like previous releases which were trend based.  These ones actually have relevance and could mean a big change for the internet.  The whole procedure has been a planned and scheduled process for last 6 years with 2013 finally seeing it initiated.

Why might these extensions be so important?

The new extensions cater for business types, sectors and locations and the available list is quite exhaustive.  Here are a few examples:

.agency, .inc, .services

.bar, .cafe, .restaurant

.accountant, .consultant, .expert, .marketing

.london, .losangeles

The list goes on.

No doubt that global companies will gobble these up immediately but in addition theres rumour of brand domain extensions as well

Eg .bmw

The question is will these specific brand domain extensions be exclusively for these companies?

More then likely yes, but where does put me as a small business owner with a popular name of conceptstore.

If emerges who will reap the rewards, me or them?

In any case the intro of these new extensions could mean a big shift in the way all of our websites are found and structured, possibly even opening up a bigger market for new businesses.

If your starting a new business then it could be good news, if not it could be a chore. 

However, like previous releases it just could be a fad, released and faded away in which case your current TLD will be more valuable then ever.