London! Best city in the world?

I have just returned from a 2 hour walk through London. Starting at Leicester Square I swung by Westminster along Southbank to St Pauls and then to London Bridge and home.I have to say when the sun is out there is no city like London considering the buildings old and new, history, different cultures and so forth etc.What city do you put in your top city list? My top five is Beijing, Rio, Sydney, Hong Kong and London. I have lived in 3 of the 5, it is hard to rank them but I would have London at no.1.I haven't been to Rome though and reckon that would be in the top 5 if I did.Same with Madrid/Barcelona who could probably push it.What are your favourites cities?Ben Wilson - Author of Change Your Thinking, Change Your ShapeMetabolic Typing - London NutritionistPersonal Trainer LondonRugby Coaching & Rugby Training