London feels more cheerful now

I'm sure it's part of the afterglow of the Paralympics. Travelling on public transport I have noticed a distinctly higher level of helpfulness. Mothers with buggies have willing hands helping them up and down stairs. Strongmen vie with one another to carry the suitcases of the frail and elderly.Politeness has made a comeback too. People in a hurry pause to apologise if they bump into someone else on the escalators or station concourse. Out in the street strangers smile and nod greetings -- normal behaviour, perhaps, in villages and small towns, but I'm talking about London here, the Big Smoke, the City of Lost Dreams.The Paralympics were an incredible catalyst for goodwill, and much of that has lasted. It has also probably had an effect on the way we do business. People in a positive frame of mind do better business, and when our approach is friendly and cheerful, we tend to get a good result more often.Long may it continue.PKP===================================Phillip F. Khan-Panni MBA PSA FounderPKP CommunicatorsUK Business Speaker of the Year35 Hillbrow Road, Bromley, Kent BR1 4JL, UKt: 0845 165 9240 m: 07768 696254e: phillip@pkpcommunicators.comw: www.phillipkhan-panni.comView my profile on LinkedIn: