Luxury Problems on Empire Avenue - No hard feelings . . . OEM*

Cutting the green. Doing spring cleaning. Dusting out. You name it.Same applies so SoMe. Including EmpireAvenue.Like every SoMe, eg. facebook 5,000 connections limit, twitter 2,000, LinkedIn 500, etc., also EmpireAvenue has limits and fresh greens/upgrades you may or may not unlock.But would you unlock a new green and start grazing before the last green is done ?Better make sure the current green is done and thus can produce healthy fresh green all over once the herd moved on, right ? Please correct me if I am wrong here.So how does that picture compare to EmpireAvenue (AND other SoMe networks btw too but with different parameters) ?My cracking blog . . . Empire Avenue - If you leave me now . . . gives you already some hints, especially the feedback from Sibren what is working out fine for him in terms of time-saving usage of EAV (short term for EmpireAVenue).But there's more in detail pros may want to be aware about although it may be not considered THAT social . . . ;-)Today I followed a mission with a striking headline . . .

Click & Run :D
Full in alignment with my philosophy 'no-strings-attached' apart from the obvious link which is a must requirement for being put behind the mission (and gets you clicks wherever you want them and depending how much people like what they click . . . even more - see also Ketan's blog Pay with a Tweet? as reference)So I did the mission. Minutes later I found a so-called shout-out from the sender on my EAV profile . . . +10.. thx for completing my Mission, you may also reinvest ;)Lovely, I thought. What has happened ? First they implied 'no-strings-attached' which was all fine. Later they put out a bait and made an initial investment of 10 (min/max 200 - max/max 1000 is possible at the time of writing this blog). Asking me to re-invest. Their Divs were about 0.10 - very low. All over not a good investment.So should I be polite and return the gainings from their mission as re-investment ? I decided to write them . . .
xxx,Thanks so much for your shout, loved your 'no-strings-attached' mission. Nice info-graphic btw . . . I reinvest 201 - 900 on investors who go in lead with 200 shares. And I keep those investments.Re-investing on 10 shares from you now would just take up a much needed slot for MUCH higher divs otherwise.Hope you get my drift.Kindly,Andreas
How would you have handled this ? Thoughts ?Oh, and yes, when you think this blog about something you've never heard about before is a huge waste of time, keep on ignoring - there's much more to it on different layers than meets the eye ;-)
This too is OEM*. It is as it is. Says love.Love, peace and poetry.53/60 to go to see 200 million children smile :-) - Noch 53/60, um 200 Millionen Kinder lächeln zu sehen :-)Have fun, Andreas Wiedow* Own Erudite Musings