#Lyndon - Grow ecademy Rich - Let your customers earn money through AddSense . . . OEM*

I'm apparently 83.42% #Lyndonized to come up with even more dribblings alongside #Lyndon.All of a sudden it crossed my mind after completing a mission by a guy from Downunder who is presently on a 3 weeks trip to Taiwan asking missionaries reporting WHICH ads they see on their Blog site.All different ads. So I also saw German ads on this blog many miles away . . . same as I see German ads on ecademy if I wish to. Which made me thinking . . . and I remember thinking why didn't ecademy allow me to spice up my marketplace ads with MY relevant Amazon recommendations ?Just a coding thingy me thinks.So . . . on one hand ecademy is earning money through advertisement on the site.I know that some experienced bloggers have residual and growing income through addsense on their blog.Now . . . many come here and start their online career from scratch, right ?Later . . . when they found out how to earn money through their own blog . . . they post on their own blog and potentially leave ecademy as paying customers.Would YOU stay here on a familiar site provided the site would you allow to earn money with YOUR addsense in YOUR ecademy blog ?I mean . . . what's difference between . . . wiedow.wordpress . . . wiedow.blogger . . . and . . . wiedow.ecademy ?And yes . . . I say MANY would stay as paying members. MANY would blog sense-making blogs on THEIR ecademy blogs as addsense profit would depend on that.So in the instance of eg. Danielle from Downunder who potentially writes nice books and chapters about cats and dogs . . . there could be . . . cat and dog food ads in their blogs, cat and dog holiday hotels ads and all that. Provided people love to read their dribblings and click through to their ecademy blog coming from google :-)How does that sound ?A true Win-Win-Win-Win-Win business with exponential learning curves potential . . . And yet another idea . . . maybe for a forthcoming blog . . . let members earn through incentives when they come up with ecademy business development ideas that are being transformed into practice and add to the success :-)Stop Winning by (only) taking - Start Winning by sharing I say :-)What say you ?

This too is OEM*. It is as it is. Says love.Love, peace and poetry.53/60 to go to see 200 million children smile :-) - Noch 53/60, um 200 Millionen Kinder lächeln zu sehen :-)Have fun, Andreas Wiedow* Own Erudite Musings