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Lyndon's Blogs - Frankly...

I'm disappointed that there aren't more comments and input from us - especially from the quieter members. Please step up and be part of the change.... and I'm sure at this stage he'd prefer a wide selection of short submissions, so relax, there is no need to give up an afternoon of watching Olympic 'stuff' to produce 3 pages of carefully researched work for scrutiny. Just tell it like it is !Moving on but still on topic... It's not my place to do it - but a posting in fb along the lines of might just win back a few fb Émigrés. I already suspect that the jungle drums are beating and that rumours are circulating, so would it not be opportune for a message or messages to be more formally delivered there - especially when many of them are still members of Ecademy -albeit virtually inactive here.Most of us having been banging on about change for years but now we have it - only some of us are embracing it, others don't seem to know what to do with it. Like most opportunities it's best to grab it with two hands when it presents. That way you get a chance to be part of the solution.So please start spreading the word or perhaps even put a blog together.Where else could you get such chance to influence the chairman of what now has the potential of being a world leading enterprise ??edit: apologies for the white space - it looked ok on the preview ;-)Angus Whitton"The truth is always positive..... however unpalatable it seems!"