Maslow and Social Networking - how does his theory work now?

In my 20's I studied Maslow, during a Business Course I was taking. Maslow has a theory on what motivated each of us and it stemmed from his belief that we had to consider our own needs before we could consider others. I know many people on Ecademy are aware of this theory.As you know I am very tuned into the world of social networking. As a business marketeer I love the potential for businesses to build their brand and visibility through the open, low cost way that Twitter and Ecademy provide. I love that through utilities like YouTube and Slideshare, experts can share their knowledge by the use of social media.What I love the most though is the movement of sharing and contribution, and the language that many use online to support others, this is the philosophy. The community here, on Ecademy is the richest, more supportive place on the Internet for business people because it is reflects real life, in real time, it has a culture and people know that by feeding others with knowledge and connections you achieve a better meal at your own table. 'Feed others and you will feed yourself' is a phrase I hear a lot.In this video created by Mark Sinclair of yourBusinessChannel - I share my thoughts on how Maslow's theory could be turned over and that perhaps the greatest achievement for man, Self Actualisation, achieved after we have our own needs covered may be the first consideration when communicating inside social networks.This show is the forth in a series of over a dozen brief shows I've recorded to mark the launch of my book, Know Me Like Me Follow Me I'll share a new show with you each week.  The shows have been produced by Mark Sinclair of yourBusinessChannel - with whom I've built great two way trust, I 'follow Mark at @ybcMark and the relationships we have leads to business!).  If you haven't already, take time to find out about the work Mark is doing-he's certainly one of my contacts who is also part of the global reboot.Warm regardsPenny Power +447771 543478Founder-Ecademy"Sharing People and Sharing Knowledge"Buy the BookWarm regardsPenny Power +447771 543478Founder-Ecademy"Sharing People and Sharing Knowledge"Buy the Book