Meaningful business - Cornelis De Maijer - @demaijr

I was fortunate to spend some serious time with Cornelis De Maijer on my recent trip to the Netherlands. He's an amazing character.We discussed many things, from Edinburgh cave women (you had to be there) to local politics, and visited many places from the farm to the center of old Amersfoort in the district of Utrecht.We saw amazing photographs in an exhibition in the church, and amazing animals at the zoo helping mentally challenged youngsters to have purpose and passion in thier lives. I learned that Cornelis' support for the Zoo runs back to his teenage years, that his knowledge of Amersfoort is phenominal, that his passion for supporting others and 'meaningful business' is stong, emotional and moving, and that our humour is co-incident, despite our different cultures - An Islander and a Fresian make good travelling companions.Cornelis' belief in 'meaningful business' stands out for me, built on the desire to find the triple win,  The place where doing business means you win through money, and skills and experience, where the client wins through problems solved and delivery satisfaction, and society wins through the things that they gain. I saw the links between the mentally unfortunate learning to relax at the zoo, supported by passionate people from all walks of life, through to the opportunites provided in real businesses in which they worked, and always Cornelis bringing meaning to the worlds he touches. What was also clear was that this is a man of the highest integrity, known, and known well, and loved by the community he strives to serve. Later this year Cornelis will formally enter the politcial system, because he knows that he can make a difference to lives.Thank you Cornelis, you have moved, and motivated, and challenged and inspired me.I may have only spent 2 days in your world, but you will spend a lifetime in mine.William BuistFollow me >