Measures for Sustainable Supply Chain in the 21st Century - delivered by Futurelab commissioned by Oracle

Trying to bring clarity out of a world of fuziness, Futurelabs research on Sustainability measures in a 21st Century Supply Chain commissioned by Oracle, only manages to identify a modicum of direction and strategy.When asked for the top five reasons to adopt sustainable strategies respondents said:- 68% - to gain customer trust- 68% - to make the business more efficient- 62% - to allow staff to make better operational decisions- 56% - to meet new legislative standards- 46% - to better measure manufacturing processesThis latest report still reflects the easy wins that businesses are focussing on as responses to market pressure and consumer pressure, unfortunately these steps are often contradictory and difficult to sustain, focussing on- Lowering the amount of waste generated by the business - 71% - Using water/electricity/gas more efficiently - 65%- Implementing a recycling system - 49%Exploring these statistics more throughly reveals some signs of hope:- 59% have set tough goals to reduce energy usage with 2/3rds planning to make 20% cuts in the next five yearsA good number of contributors appear to be taking a wider approach: starting to embrace the hinking expressed in the first research to start with that which you control, to then focus on what you manage, final reaching out to that which you can influence- 37% are reducing logistics costs by collaborating with suppliers- 33% are using IT to create a picture of the environmental impact across the organisation- 26% are arming employees with information to make choices around sustainabilityHowever wider collaboration is still an area of weakness, industry wide collaboration, collaborating with synergistic partners or working with Supply Chain Orchestrators has hardly been touched.In summary the report highlights there is still a lack of clarity, but much interest, measures are still being defined but the early adoptors are starting now and taking a lead both in terms of influence and brand lead, however although much is technically possible there is still a lack of model and measure that shows a robust model that is gaining momentum in the marketplace.Dave FoodRCF Church in RealityProphetic Technology Touching tomorrow, todayOracle Corporation Ecademy clubs Futurewise, Alpha, Distilling Dreams,