Microsoft, Yahoo, Bing and your Ecademy profile

Microsoft's boss, Steve Balmer, was seemingly ecstatic yesterday when he announced the deal between his company and Yahoo. Apparently, according to Microsoft, this tie-up is going to create a whole new Internet revolution. Well, we shall see...!Yahoo will now use the recently developed Microsoft Bing system to provide its search engine. Meanwhile, Microsoft will use Yahoo to drive forward its advertising. The deal is for ten years and in spite of this apparently adventurous plan, Yahoo shares fell 12% and Microsoft shares remained unchanged. Financiers are not seeing a "revolution" then.For years, both Microsoft and Yahoo have been in the shadow of Google. They hate them. Indeed, on BBC Radio Five Live this morning, a Microsoft spokesman couldn't even bring himself to say the word "Google", though it was eventually coaxed out of him. Google is the axis of evil, it seems, as far as Microsoft and Yahoo are concerned.So angry with Google are Microsoft that they tried, unsuccessfully, to buy Yahoo last year. They have now come back with this partnership, which they hope will enable them to regain ground against the ever growing and increasingly successful Google. As I wrote yesterday on the Microsoft Yahoo deal, the tie-up is an indiciation of a corporation in crisis and facing the wrong problem. So worried is Microsoft about Google that they haven't realised that Google is not their real competition any more. It is the likes of Twitter and Ecademy.Here on Ecademy, one of the benefits is the rapid indexing of your content by search engines, particularly Google. For many members of Ecademy, their profile here ranks well for particular keywords on Google. But, take a look at your analytics. You will probably find that many people who have engaged with your content have done so as a result of sharing here on Ecademy, or finding links to your content in places like Twitter. In other words, the search engine value of Ecademy is becoming less important as we get increasingly social online.Google already knows this. Much of their labs work and their adaptations of what they already offer are geared to sharing information socially. They realise that search as we know it is dying. Microsoft is so focused on fighting Google, they haven't realised they are on the wrong battlefield. So, the Microsoft Yahoo deal may well provide you with higher rankings for your Ecademy content in both Bing and Yahoo. But don't count on it. Besides which it will not matter. Even if the new Microsoft Yahoo Bing search engine does manage to defeat Google search, most of the people who engage with you here on Ecademy will be finding you through social means - not search. Therefore, don't worry or concern yourself with this deal. You don't have to do anything extra on Ecademy - or change your content in any way - to satisfy this new search development. Just carry on as normal. Let the Microsoft Yahoo deal just pass you by and concentrate on providing and sharing good material. Graham JonesInternet PsychologistJoin the Ecademy Internet Marketing Club
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