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Multi-level marketing (MLM) is not for me thanks…

If you're into MLM or similar network marketing, while I respect your interest, I'm not at all interested, and thank you for not pitching me, or trying to convince me.Multi-level marketing (called network marketing by others), is a marketing strategy used by MLM companies in their business plan.In order to understand the MLM business model it is necessary to understand how the movement of materials, information and funds across the MLM supply chain (distribution channel) is managed and coordinated.A supply chain is an integrated network of retailers, distributors, transporters, storage facilities and suppliers (each intermediary commonly called a "middle-man") that participate in the production, sale, and delivery of a particular product to the end customer.When buying a product most consumers will want the best quality at the lowest cost, in the shortest lead-time, and "cutting out the middle man", which translated means better value for money. The removal of intermediaries in a supply chain is called disintermediation and it seems logical that the closer in the supply chain the customer is to the manufacturer, the better the value for money received by the customer. Market transparency of the costs, functionality, competitive advantage, etc., of any product is essential for fulfilling the expectations and winning the confidence of customers, so why exactly would potential MLM customers choose an MLM product (over more traditional competition)? Read full post here [...]