muss ich Sie verstehen ? Oder bin ich blöd ?

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Verständnislose Grüsse für eine (von mir als ärgerlich empfundene und damit) bescheuerte mailIs a reply I received yesterday from a fellow German countryman and professional (NLP) colleague via mail.Meaning: Must I understand you ? Or am I nutty ?Looking blank regards for a (as personally annoying perceived and therefore) one sandwich short of a picnic mail.
Second mail I received minutes before that:Mit anderen Worten schmunzelgrins. Aber das ist ja Ihre Vokabel, Herr Wiedow. Hatte mich schon auf eine Antwort von Ihnen auf die mail von _________ gefreut ...!Die Deutschen und ihr Sauberkeitsfimmel...- was ist so toll an einer sauberen Liste ??Tell me more über beonit - warum sollte ich das unbedingt machen? - in maximal 10 Worten.Meaning: In other words schmunzelgrins.But that's your vocabulary, Mr. Wiedow.I had already longed for your reply to Mr. ________'s input !The Germans and their mania for cleanliness. What's so sparkling about a clean chat ?Tell me more about beonit - why should I sign up unconditionally ? - in maximum 10 words.My conclusion: The first reply felt the need for enlightment. Potentially. Input: I didn't get him on the phone. Neither reply via mail. His questions were presumably rhetorical. He didn't really want enlightment. I digged. Stopped when realizing digging in the wrong hole. That's my effort taken. No more time investment. File closed.The second reply: Deal.That easy.You long for more success within 20 seconds ? Snip your mindset. Sign up my clubs and start wild thinking.Maybe I'm wrong. Be that as it may, because . . .
What the bleep do I know ?
What do you know ?Modelling regards,Andreas WiedowBtw . . . are you a professional model ? Then you do have tasks. If you long for immediate remedy . . . Go to SOS club. Maybe there's some Guardian Angel for you. And maybe you can help with your expertise later too . . . *schmunzelgrins* . . . Join me on beonit | ecademy | successBC | wellness | Member of ASTD | BDVT | Seminar-Shop