My Ideal professional networking platform

Over the last few days I have been increasingly thinking about what I would want from a platform. I know that my own business has highs and lows, and with it times when I need more support, and times when I don't. This means there will be times when I want different facilities.In basic terms I want a site where I can connect with like minded people, and have a tool that can help me raise the profile of me and or my business as I need it.I see several parts of a site:1) a place I can ask open questions without all my customers knowing I am asking such things (a private discussion area - or the ability to start a question as an anonymous post)2) a place to showcase my knowledge - this may be both public and to other members3) I want to buy features as I need them - high profile blogs, advertisements, promotions, press releases4) the ability to track the number of member & non member reads5) the ability to see the percentage of traffic my social media activity is generating verses the site & its members6) the ability to generate revenue from my content (adsense or amazon)7) the ability to post blogs FROM my site8) that the site tweets & g+s all blogs/ articles that are "business" or "articles" (i.e. the site proactively promotes its content rather then the "passive" approach many make9) introduce a "category" called "image" where such posts are sent to a pinterest account10) run online events, if a network is truly global, then webinar style technology could be used to have virtual meetings11) have "home pages" for different "disciplines", now this could be the "50 key words" or things like - consultant, sales, pharma, beauty, therapy etc - where members of the groups have their blogs shown, this means theme relevant content for our potential customers - much more appealing than a "generic" home page. Such a page should not overtly promote membership of the site12) archive are that - archives, make them accessible, or find a way of making sure they are "up to date" if highlightedSome want "clubs" but at the present I have those elsewhere at the moment That's is enough from me - what would you want on your ideal site?

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