New franchise idea - Cannabis to go!

In NZ we have just watched the most bizzare situation - a chain of garden centres (Switched on Gardener) was actually a front for growing cannabis and teaching their customers how to do the same. Customers could pop in and get advice for their personal crops - and customer service was exemplary! 35 businesses had been set up around the country - and they were growing (excuse the pun) really well. So as a result of a police swoop - 100 residential addresses have been raided (nurseries for the baby plants I assume) - 100 operations dismantled - 250 people arrested - millions of plants destroyed.It seemed to be a case of hide in full view - amazing. AnnSign up for our Powertools newsletter which has hot tips and tools for growing your business, and receive a FREE e-book - 378 Predictions for doing Business in 2010.Ann Andrews CSPThe Corporate Tool-boxOnline Business and Training Resources