Nit picking corrections

Hey, so some people mistype, some mispell, some get names wrong, o my god , isnt that terrible.Thankfully we have some people who love to point these things out,I guess it makes them feel clever. Lets focus on whats importantSpeed V perfection, speed wins majority of the time, and if that means there are some errors that dont really affect the understanding of the content, then why the hell do people feel the need to nit pick, who cares there are some mistakes, its the actual meaning of the content thats important, this place isnt an English language degree, its not a historical reference place, its a social/business site where most of us have many other things to do in our days, so spending extra minutes checking each post and facts incase a handful of nitpickers want to pull us up on it, jeez get a life .Im typing this while Im smiling, its not made me angry, more incredulous.PS Ive purposefully not put apostophes in this post just to annoy ;-)