Nonsense and social media

PointThe problem for those businesses that are preoccupied with all the various social media options is that a lot of activity is not actually a route to market, but more of a dead end street.StoryI know someone who offers professional services in the HR field. Sarah really does spend a lot of time and energy working at the many social media strings on her bow. She blogs on a regular basis and these blogs are available on her website. She is active on Linked In and has joined a variety of groups where there are frequent online discussions. This person spends a good deal of time on Twitter; she follows a lot of people although not many people follow her.Sarah is a PowerNetworker member of Ecademy and attends some of their events in London; she attends various breakfast meetings and a number of other face to face activities where people swap business cards. She enters everyone's business cards details on her Outlook contacts. Now Sarah has been working at this business for some five years in conjunction with various associates; people that she has met on the way. She does no customer surveys, she has no facilitated appraisal and she has no testimonials. I asked her if she was making any money. The answer was "no".ApplicationAny service provider needs to offer high quality content to clients and customers; you have to be able make an immediate difference to their businesses and / or their lives.Secondly you have to be excellent at building relationships with people that want to work with your particular expertise. There will be plenty of people that don't and that is fine too.These two points are more important to a growing business than all the social media put together.Tim KidsonTransforming organisations, transforming lives