NZ apologises to Susan Boyle

Dame Kiri Tikanawa is a fabulous opera singer but not always a nice person (her comments that she was insulted to be asked about 'Britain's Got Talent and in particular Susan Boyle, Hayley Westenra and Katherine Jenkins). According to Kiri they are whiz-bangs; fake singers who will vanish in two to three years!Apparently no-one quite measures up to Kiri and her standards. And from an opera perspective she may be right - however - I know the joy the whole world felt as Susan Boyle achieved her dream. I don't think there would have been many people world-wide (especially at a time when we were all gripped in the horror of the global financial crash) who weren't a little bit teary and warmed by the spectacle of seeing Susan sing that night.So from NZ - I offer our apologies - not everyone agrees with Kiri. I think Susan is fabulous - and if she vanishes in two or three years, then so what? She achieved her dream and brought a lot of joy and hope to a lot of people. Well done Susan and get over yourself Kiri. AnnSign up for our Powertools newsletter which has hot tips and tools for growing your business, and receive a FREE e-book - 378 Predictions for doing Business in 2010.Ann Andrews CSPThe Corporate Tool-boxOnline Business and Training Resources