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Occasionally stepping off the business and work roundabout

Occasionally stepping off the business and work roundabout

Occasionally stepping off the business and work roundabout

One of the things that I like to advise clients is that you need to ensure that you take time off away from the business to recharge batteries, maintain a fresh perspective, clarity of thought and make time for the personal dimension of your life – what some might call the work life balance.  However, I was making the classic business mistake of focusing on providing a good business service, getting the work completed and responding to clients, not wishing to disappoint anyone – in effect I was not taking my own advice.  

Unfortunately a few weeks ago, one of our cats was put to sleep after a period of declining health, unfortunately medical interventions were unable to prolong his life.  I took a day and half off work (which for those who know me is a long time) for some reflection and contemplation – I know it may seem bizarre to some but when an animal forms part of the fabric of your life, its’ premature departure makes quite an impact and my focus was not 100% for a short while. I am very fortunate to have great clients who understood and were flexible in moving deadlines, and an excellent staff team, my thanks again to them. 

The law of unintended consequences occurred, the reason for the time off was not pleasant but spending a bit of time at home, away from a long day at work, e-mails, meetings etc. was re-energising and recuperative.  I was able to clearly think through some challenging business issues and do what I always try to encourage others to do, i.e. space to think through, plan, evaluate and have a clear vision and mission.  If anything, this brief period of time away from the office recharged my batteries, has made me more determined within my own business and I hope that I actually maintain the ability to create some time away from the hurly burly. 

I may slip back into old habits, like the majority of business owners long hours are not always viewed as work in the conventional sense.  Maintaining and growing a business requires time and tenacity, especially where the business is an employer.  However, business owners need to maintain a sensible work-life balance whilst appreciating the need to have a clear plan 

Contentment & achievement in business, work & life is more likely if energy,actions and balance are aligned to meet whatever your objectives are

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