Ok Sir, we can keep you alive until you are 82

This morning we heard the news that 10 million people alive now in the UK will live to 100.Thomas and I talked about this over our morning porridge and discussed how long we will work in order to maintain our living if this is the case.We discussed the need for people to build their personal brand beyond their business one - who knows what business you will be in at 90! One certainty is that your name is consistent - this is why I advocate you have your own name (or close to it) and it stays with you for life on all the networks, especially Twitter and GoogleBut I said this to Thomas and he said 'that is scary - blog it!' - Imagine a world where there is no way that the economy can afford the healthcare for the aging population - a reality I am sure.So, will we call up the health care Insurance firms and say "I have £250 a month that I can afford for my healthcare" and they calculate and say....."thank you Sir, in that case we will keep you alive until you are 82, if you can afford more, we can extend your life"is this so ridiculous?if ever there was a reason to build a business around yourself and keep yourself connected and up to date - this has to be it!warm regardsPenny PowerFounder of Ecademy and Ecademy Digital SchoolLearning, Networking and Business Development in the Digital AgeFollow @pennypower