OK so on the subject of a new Ecademy design

would you like me to leave it as it is or change it to look like and work like Google+ since that's the current flavour of the month (next few years).The reason I like Google+ is because it's a clone of the Ecademy blog (threaded conversations) with more tools.Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter have shot their load now and will fade away into the distance so I have no desire for new ecademy to look like them even though I know you use them alot (and still will).75m people a day use Google+ so it makes sense to emulate the current fashion for what is effectively a streaming blog (G+). Pinterest and Tumblr do not appeal to me at all (sorry to them).Please speak so the designers and devs can hear your preferences. And please don't hold back. Throw it at me (us/them).