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Only the Strong will Survive the Social Media Age

Only the Strong will Survive the Social Media Age

Social Media and the World Economy. Could Ecademy support the next generation of new businesses and help boulster the UK and Global Economy ?Charles Darwin stated: "It's not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent but the one most responsive to change"Another less well known thinker said: "I plan, therefore I achieve"Everything and everyone evolves.,When we look around ourselves and think about Ecademy, FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, the Banks and Business link we see a pattern of big institutions either growing fast or failing fast - FaceBook and Twitter respond to change in real time whilst the Banks, Government and Business Link etc, need 12 months simply to "process a thought" My line of thinking for Ecademy is not just as a small Business community but as a small Business School which could replace business link at almost ZERO cost to the government. I know in my heart and in my head that Ecademy could become the champion for Micro and SME businesses. A solid organisation which could evolve into the largest organisation of its kind in the UK if not the world. Think or the wealth of experience Ecademy members have to offer the enevitable explosion of new Micro and SME businesses. Currently ecademy is a random collection of business people, profiles, company pages, Market place ads and blogs. Random is good for a networking community, But random is not so good for small business people who need support but "don't know, what they don't know" and don't really know what support they really need to grow and prosper. New entrepreneurs or small business owners need structure, they need step-by-step, and they need someone to hold their hand. (I know that I did) I saw another Tweet from a new USA Ecademist last night asking "I've just joined ecademy can somebody tell me how to use it?" I created the image below to describe a feature that I think we should have on the Ecademy home page, I know it's a bit of clumsy image, but Imagine if you could see at a glance the subject you are interested in or need help with. You would click on the pictorial link to find the people or information you want/need. Each bubble would lead to sub bubbles which lead to sub-sub bubbles in order that every facet of business management thinking and training is catered for within the Ecademy community.This would accelerate membership, and make Ecademy easier to understand, ecademy - membership would grow, membership retention and participation would improve.

Regional Ecademy Support

We would have regional education centres (hotel conference centres or University facilities) around the country (World) to overcome the objection of Ecademy being a London community! These witterings are a few of my personal thoughts for Thomas Power following our day together on Monday 26th July 2010. This is business development in action, throwing good, bad or indifferent ideas at the wall hoping that some of them will stick or at least be food for thought. "I plan, therefore I achieve"Mick Say 1961 - (a long time yet I hope)Love Twitter and Twitter will Love-you-Back
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