Organizing a SunZu Event

Organizing a SunZu Event

Where do I start?

As SunZu encourages meeting up and networking offline, I thought I would share my tips on how to get started!


Meet ups

Meet ups would be for a small number of people (up to 30), where we meet weekly for coffee in a relaxed atmosphere. I have organized fortnightly meet ups in different locations to give local business a chance to benefit and to be visible to the public (makes them curious and we are often asked what is it all about)!

I recommend holding these meet ups in open areas such as a hotel lounge area or nice pub venue.  We have held our breakfast meet ups in cafes or coffee shops also. but ensure that you clear it with the owners first! I usually notify the owner in advance and they are usually very happy to reserve an area for the group. 

Make sure there is Wi-Fi at the venue!

Usually when you explain to the owner that we will be buying coffee or breakfast, they are happy to get the business and if you tell them that you will tweet about it from the venue it is all free advertising for them.  And make sure that you do it too!

I got some A4 posters printed and put them in key locations where I know business people would be, and also the local library. However, the best way to spread the word is to create an event on the SunZu 'events' page and then share on the other social networks. Once you hold the first meet up, the word will spread. I also encourage people to bring someone next time.

How do I attract attendees?
How do I attract attendees?
  • Email local enterprise boards and ask them to mention it in their newsletter
  • Tell the local radio about it
  • Spread the word via supporters/friends on social media and by word of mouth
  • Tell key influencers about it...they will spread the word for you.
  • Take pictures at the meet up.
  • Write article about the meet up and put pictures up!
  • Mention who attended and put links up to their SunZu profiles/websites.


Events would be those gatherings that would have over 50 people attending. It can be tricky to negotiate with the owner of a venue but it is possible to get the venue for free if you are clever. Tell the owner that We will tag their venue in our tweets, take pics and put them up whilst mentioning the venue and we will put video footage on the SunZu youtube channel! 

You will need space to stand around and also to relax. 

Some finger food is great also.  This would be a small price for the attendees. I try to keep it under 20 euros.

And an event would normally have a guest speaker attending to inspire those attending. Want someone cool to come along and speak? 


Don't be afraid to ask ....explain that they are getting the opportunity to be in front of a large attentive audience and encourage them to mingle with the attendees afterwards!

What makes SunZu events different, is that no one is more important than anyone else! Our events are casual and relaxed! We are all assisting one another.

  • Have name tags ready - you should know in advance who is attending
  • Keep spare ones for last minute attendees.
  • Get someone to sponsor a prize or two.
  • Gather details by asking folk to put business cards in a bowl....draw winner from this.
  • Introduce SunZu and what it is.
  • Introduce your speaker
  • Encourage all to mingle afterwards, speaker should be max half an hour.
  • It's all about the networking so you go and introduce those who would benefit from meeting.
  • keep it fun and casual. Add your own 'something' to the event....up to you!
  • Encourage people to stay in touch on SunZu and organize meet ups in their area.
  • Hold event every month or two months.
  • Encourage attendees to tweet and take pics - create a hashtag - the owners of the venue will love this!

Any other tips please add them here!

Check out my event in Dublin, Ireland coming up on 26 April!