Phillip Khan-Panni PPE or FFF?

I'd like to thank Phillip Khan-Panni who is todays volunteer to have their profile photo critiqued. The question is, from first visual impressions is Phillips ecademy profile photo PPE (Professional, Personable and Engaging) or FFF (Fuzzy, Faraway and Forgetful)? Heres a handy checklist that I use as a reference guide when critiquing photos. Philip has a nice profile photo with a warm natural expression and shows a hint of his personality. He has chosen to be photographed in front of some books, which is great as it gives us a little more info about what he does, after all words are Phillips domain. Unfortunately though the camera has focussed more on the books in the background than it has on Phillip, resulting in his face being a bit out of focus. I think this has been slightly corrected using the unsharp mask in photoshop however it is just a bit too far gone for it to be recoverable. And, because of the sharper background, the shelf has become more distracting. The focus issue on Phillips face is not as noticeable when viewed small, as on his profile, but would really show up if this was reproduced any bigger. and would look poor in print.I did a similar shot when I photographed Anthony Madigan but I stood him away from the books and de-focussed the background so they were there but less distracting. I think you can also clearly see how much Phillips face is out of focus by comparison.I like the colouring that Phillip has chosen to wear, the blue shirt really suits him. Overall I have to say its a nice photo but the focussing issue make it an FFF for me.Your comments please...Perhaps you'd like to volunteer your image?Previous critiques here: John Cassidy Photography
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