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Pigeon Holes are for Pigeons...

I attended the networking event at Tower Hill last night and enjoyed the presentation by James Knight on Colour Styles. During his presentation we were introduced to his personality profiling model and had an opportunity to find our our colour preference (Blue, Yellow, Red or Green).Whilst I enjoyed the talk, I felt a compelling urge to raise a few challenges. My efforts were thwarted by time but I am still left with a few concerns. Firstly, is it just me or does anyone else see some of the dangers/challenges of this type of profiling? During the evening we were introduced to some new Clubs to join depending on your colour type. The idea being that like colours 'flock' together. Is joining a club that precludes 75% of your potential networking capability healthy? Also, whilst I agree that they offer a fascinating insight into your personality type, we all have the ability to be all types, depending on our situation and moods. Which leads me onto another challenge. The profile is based on the response to ten questions to provide a subjective insight into a persons personality. In other words, our interpretation of language in the form of questions is the basis of describing human behaviour. I'm no psychologist, but is there not a danger that the tool is a little too simplistic to base your entire approach to human interaction (this probably applies as much to MBTI, Spiral Dynamics, Belbin etc)?Don't get me wrong. I think any tool, used intelligently, that helps human beings interact more effectively is a good thing. I'm just not sure that the wholesale enthusiasm displayed at last night's networking event is an objective or healthy approach. But maybe I think that due to my Colour type!!