Positive side of Long Distance Relationships!

My partner was in his final year of university in UK and got a graduate job thus he stayed in his hometown while I was a student at Ryerson University in Toronto Canada to obtain my university degree. We had agreed to have a long distance relationship because of the way we felt for each other. We went around 8 months without seeing each other. It wasn't easy but we had to live our separate lives from far. During this time I saw the positive side of long distance relationship (LDR).•Invest in your personal development Those people that I talked to told me why they have or are coping well in long distance relationships. The answer is because when they decided to be together both made it clear that they still wanted to pursue their individual goals. They both have clear career ambitions and wish to pursue further education such as to obtain a Master degree or PHD. Others want to start their own business. Their long distance relationship has allowed them to fulfil their individual need but at the same time support and build their relationship foundation from afar •Don't need to request time apartSome couples believe that a trail separation may help them save their relationship. While this does not mean it can work, having a bit of time apart does have it advantageous to revitalize their relationship. Not being together sometimes helps in relationship because you are not in each other's face all the time. The time when you do spend together is of better quality. You get to focus on the good time when you are both together.Even Rob Pattinson (Twilight star) is a fan of long distance love, telling reporters, "It is hard but I guess in some ways being away from someone is always ... if you really like them it makes, in a strange way, makes it better because the more time you spend away the more you're thinking of them, the more you want to see them again so I guess being away ... not spending too much time with someone is always a good thing to do." Source: ShowBizSpy March 31, 2009•Pursue your interests and hobbies The spare time that you have, you will be able to spend doing the things you always wanted to do but didn't get a chance to do it. You can put in more time in your current interests and hobbies or take up new ones. Many people enjoyed DIY, carpentry and painting - these are great hobbies as you see your creation come to live. For new interests, these could be learning a new language, joining a cooking class or learning flower arrangements. You not only acquire new knowledge but skill to share with your partner.•More time for yourselfIt's nice to come home from a hectic and stressful day to a space of your own and appreciate the quietness especially when you do not want to be bothered or talked to.Katy Perry (Kissed a girl singer) says: "I love long-distance relationships. I love my space, and that feeling of not being able to see someone and then seeing them again for a week," she testifies. "You really appreciate that moment, turning off the phone and cuddling in bed and ordering food. That's fun to me." Source: ShowBizSpy March 24 2009•Overcome loneliness Those people who were in long distance stay together for a longer time because they have adjusted to not having that person physically by their side.I was not the type of person who enjoys reading. The first novel that I finished reading cover to cover was the "Da Vinci Code" a 2003 mystery-detective novel written by Dan Brown. "When you enjoy reading you will never feel lonely". I developed a sense of learning from book so I started to read more books that are of my interests such as Travel & Tourism, self-help and business related topics.Many people may find it hard to see the positive side of long distance relationship. This blog is proving to you the LDR benefits. It is indeed a good test for couples - those who survive are stronger! They seem to be closer than couples who aren't on long distance relationship.You become more independent, go after what you want, more proactive, are not afraid to be alone and never feeling bore because you know how to fill up the spare time!How are you using your time? STEPHANIE