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Pot holes in a drive...!

......This maybe the most strange and unusual blogg request for help BUT, it is serious!My sister & brother-in-law have a rough, gravel/ flint/ soil, pot-holed one eigth of a mile 'drive' to their equally 'rough', basic, abode.......and not enough money to pay a huge price for Tarmac.....SO..............any advice, ideas, help would be very appreciated here and I hope that Ecademy can come up trumps again......?Oh, nearly forgot, I have a vested interest as my sculpting studio is at the end of this 'mine-field' and I have just bought a little car with low ground clearance.....enough said!!Thanks,David.Have you heard of a pharmaceutical company that really wants you to be well & healthy....?Is there a complementary, alternative health way ahead?