Quote Me: Talent Management's Child Model Brothers On Their Casting With Nintendo

When 2 of Talent Management's child models, brothers Brett and Max, got back from their casting with Nintendo, they were both quick to tell the team at the model agency how much they enjoyed the experience...Brett, aged 9, said: "I had a really good time at the Nintendo casting Talent Management organised for me, it was very exciting. The people from Nintendo were very nice to me and the best bit about the day was all of it! It was a new experience for me and I enjoyed meeting the other models there, especially my two fake mum and dads, who were really nice to me and made me feel at ease."Brett's younger brother Max, aged 8, said: "The Nintendo casting Talent Management set up was a very exciting day! I had a brilliant time. We got to try out for 2 adverts. The first time I was really nervous, but the second time I was much more relaxed and had a much better time. We had a laugh with our fake mum and dad and they made us feel confident."Have you ever thought about child modelling? Try something new and join Talent Management model agency to help your little one on the road to success!Talent Management offers unique features and benefits to talented child models, all with a view to promoting and finding them work with vetted clients; something a showcase agency won't offer you.Register your modelling talent and your child model in the making will enjoy a whole range of features and benefits that no other single talent agency can offer.

Suzy O'Connor, Operations Director, Models Direct
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Let me help you find a model, or perhaps you or someone you know is considering becoming a model
Let me help you find a model, or perhaps you or someone you know is considering becoming a model.