Recessions cause creativity - check out 2 new industries

STAYCATIONS - think this started in the UK - it is the idea of NOT having holidays overseas, rather STAYING in your own town or country and having a holiday at home.GLAMPING - glamorous camping. Cheaper than staying at a hotel but more comfortable than sleeping on the hard ground. Not quite sure of the details, but assume Glamping holidays are camping holidays with a luxurious difference - proper beds perhaps - or bubble baths overlooking some spectacular view? Or someone who pops in every day and takes away all your dirty washing and brings it back that night all washed and ironed? SO HERE IS AN INTERESTING CHALLENGE - WHAT WOULD CONSTITUTE A GLAMOUROUS CAMPING HOLIDAY FOR YOU? I'm sure that will bring forth some interesting/hilarious/scary replies!! ann Sign up for our POWERTOOLS newsletter - tips and tools for growing your business, and receive a FREE e-book - 25 Ways To Beat a RecessionAnn Andrews CSPThe Corporate Tool-boxOnline Business and Training Resources