Review: Online CRM Tool ConnectedHQ

I have always been frustrated over the lack of online systems to combine all my contacts across social media and email platforms. I used to use Plaxo then after they spammed everyone I decided to part company.Last week I decided to test out two new platforms. Well new to me anyway. One was GIST (owned now by Blackberry) and the other one was ConnectedHQ (owned by Linkedin). By far the superior product was Connected HQ.I was able to connect by linkedin, gmail, outlookl csv and twitter connections to this. Not only does this sync to these other systems but it also has a calendar feature which if you had a meeting allows you check up on notes from all the platforms you imported from. It also aligns with Evernote, which is by far my favourite note taking product and the merging facility for duplicated entries is quite neat.Oh and by the way it is free (having been bought by linkedin). I have tested it quite a bit over the last four days and it is actually the best contact management system I have had for a while especially that it can be accessed in the cloud and on mobile.