Right Mr. Say Keep a Mick Change Of Habit Diary

I decided to dedicate this blog to you Mick Say. Georgina wrote @Other things to consider ..... massage, giving hugs, sex (a great stress buster), and not necessarily in that order and one leading to the other!! Spot On Georgina. The song 'Can't get enough of YOU' springs to mind here. Listening to Barry White's voice would render me starry eyed :) Making time to feel jiggy is essential, it's timing that's important (make time) so that the other person is relaxed enough too! Your Wake Up Call ~ Ask yourself these questions(I 'll let you into my observation on the last two events we met, your running on empty.)
  • Who would you miss the most if you lost them through burnout?
  • What would you miss the most through burnout?
  • Listen to SIGNALS Mick, they are already talking to YOU!
  • Your body is fine tuned to tell you something is going wrong in you.
  • Meditation is all about breathing
  • Smoking excessively is a crutch and will damage vital breathing organs
  • Get help to give up smoking when your ready.
  • C:)xYour Stress Blog highlighting your stress awareness has brought about some awesome GIFTS from all who CARE about you. It's your turn to CARE for yourself and receive all that loving information to take a good look at what really matters to you. C'mon I along with everyone else here, will be watching for your progress updates. Keep a Mick Diary to log your change of habits?. Please feel free to add to this list all you contributors extraordinares?www.cardiffboardroom.co.ukwww.lifestyle-online.co.uk