Robin Johnson.... An Ecademy Journey.

Robin Johnson Ovation XL - Business Performance Coach, expert in Lawyer Stress and Coaching

Robin joined Ecademy in October 2006 and became a life member in December 2006, just over two months later."I have three different strands to my marketing plan and Ecademy is one of these", explains Robin, "I won two new clients almost immediately through Ecademy and that prompted me to re-invest the revenue and become a BlackStar." When asked how he would have managed, what he has achieved, if he had not used Ecademy, Robin replied "My business is growing steadily and Ecademy has already introduced me to a one new associate for OvationXL (Neil Urquhart) and potentially to several more. I've also met some very interesting people who I enjoy bouncing ideas with". Says Robin Johnson"Networking can be a rather random process for many people. I like the way that I can research the people I want to meet before investing valuable time. I find the Ecademy process is far less hit and miss. I've virtually given up networking elsewhere."Robin lists the following as the ways in which he has benefited from being part of Ecademy's Social Network.He is currently helping three more Ecademy members to expand their businesses - one's in law (Robin mainly coaches partners in law firms), one's in logistics and the third is in financial services.Robin is on the look out for self-employed associates to join his expanding team during the next six months. He is seeking two more exceptionally talented business performance coaches. His business has been able to achieve high Google rankings though his connections with Ecademy.His lifetime investment in BlackStar was paid for by winning great clients through Ecademy inside two months.Robin is available to provide advice and information on his journey within Ecademy to members of Ecademy and members of the Press.His profile link is His mobile number is 07774 415561His website is
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