Scots Dictionary - Some "H" words!

Some more words and phrases from Bonnie Scotland.haar: a sea mist or fog from the North Sea, observed in East Coast resorts.hack:cut or grazed skin caused by cold temperatures.haggis: mythical creature that roams the Scottish Highlands. see here.haver: talk nonsense, as in his blogs are a' havers!heedrum-hodrum: mimic the sound of Gaelic languageheidbanger: nut case, as in he can be a right heidbanger when he's fu'hen: informal term of address for a woman or girl, as in "hiya, hen!"heuchter-teuchter: derogatory term for traditional Scottish dance or folk musichigh do: state of excitement, as in everyone was up to high do as they drew the star prize raffle tickethigh heid yin: person in overall charge, as in he was employed as the high heid yin at the corporationHogmanay: 31st December., New Years Eve. see herehoughmagandie: sexual intercourse for recreation not procreation, as in they were known to enjoy the old houghmagandie!hoolet: owl, but used as derogatory term for a waster, as in ye drunken hoolet!hoormaister: sexually promiscuous man!howff: pub or drinking den!huckle: force someone to move by manhandling them, as in he got huckled by the Polis!humph: carry something heavy, as in we humphed it up the stairshurdies: buttocks as in your hurdies like a distant hill Robert Burns "To a Haggis"Hear more Scottish words in a Glasgow Networking Environment.hereRobert GreigClub Leader. Ecademy Glasgow NetworkClub Leader. Ecademy South and East Ayrshire NetworkThe Office Furniture Guru