Shea Butter Cayenne Cream Relieves Eczema, Dry Skin and More.

New Mild Shea Butter Cayenne Cream Relieves Eczema, Dry Skin, and Reduces Inflammation
New Skin Conditioning Cream Sports The Medicinal Power Of Hot Peppers Without The Burn

( EMAILWIRE.COM, December 01, 2004 ) Albany, NY -- It turns out the secret to revitalizing your skin may have lots to do with hot peppers. PepperCare skin conditioning cream is a new and exclusive formula featuring Cayenne pepper extract in a Shea Butter base. The PepperCare formula incorporates a total of 14 active herbal ingredients, each clinically proven to revitalize skin in a number of ways. The secret to this strange Cayenne recipe is a natural chemical known as "Capsaicin," the ingredient that puts the "Hot" in hot peppers. Capsaicin has been successfully used to treat topical pain and itching along with having the ability to help desensitize sensitive skin. Capsaicin has also shown promise in the treatment of many chronic skin conditions including Acne and Eczema. The PepperCare formula uses capsaicin as a natural inflammatory agent that also reduces puffiness with big results while helping to increase blood flow near the surface of the skin. The active ingredients are all natural, and it contains NO steroids. Of course everyone knows Capsaicin has a reputation for being hot, and most arthritis pepper creams burn, yet PepperCare is absolutely mild. A spokesman for SiCap Industries, the makers of PepperCare confided they use nearly as high of a percentage of natural capsaicin as do some of the popular arthritis creams on the market. So why doesn't PepperCare cream burn? First of all, PepperCare is not an arthritis cream although many users claim it has relieved a majority of their superficial joint pain after several weeks of use. Yet while pepper based arthritis creams are effective, they also burn, and tend to be uncomfortable. So how does SiCap Industries do it? The president of SiCap, and creator of PepperCare cream says the secret is in their natural Shea Butter base which is carefully blended with 13 natural plant oils, extracts, and resins. "Technically, we use natural oleoresin capsicum which is an oily resin that’s extracted directly from cayenne pepper plants. Most arthritis creams use a synthesized capsaicin that’s much more potent than the natural extract. But what they’re missing is all the other trace elements within the natural capsicum. By using the natural extract mixed with the right oils, we’re able to include a significant percentage of capsaicin in our cream without producing any notable heat. For instance, several other extracts we use actually reduce the heat of the capsaicin without reducing its’ effectiveness, and believe me this cream is mild yet it’s extremely effective,” says Wayne Perry, president of SiCap Industries. As Perry notes, the capsaicin isn't the only active ingredient in PepperCare cream. Along with Shea Butter which has been clinically proven to repair damaged skin and reduce lines, SiCap also uses some very potent plant extracts including Kukui oil, Grapefruit seed extract, T-50 vitamin E, Green Tea extract, and Grape seed extract to create what the company claims is the most effective skin conditioning cream in the world. The manufacturer’s literature points out that PepperCare cream is actually three products in one. SiCap Industries uses a super pulverized organic cactus root powder to give the cream its’ initial exfoliant properties which remove dead skin cells while the natural plant oils simultaneously condition the skin beneath. No doubt, the proof is in the pudding, or should I say “the cream?” When you first use PepperCare, you feel a mild exfoliation action that naturally removes older skin cells thus allowing the herbal extracts to penetrate the skin more evenly. As you rub it in, the fine cactus powder melts into the skin along with the formula’s natural oils. Within seconds this mild exfoliant turns into a pure conditioning cream. While all this is happening, the natural plant extracts in PepperCare also help replace damaged skin proteins with new ones. Finally, the natural oils and resins in PepperCare creat a shield that conditions and protects the skin with natural moisturizers and antioxidants. The company claims their new cream is a breakthrough for treating most skin problems, especially dermatitis and related eczema symptoms. Perry also points out that many chronic skin conditions are related to allergic reactions in the environment, and he says this new cream counteracts and blocks those allergy triggers by desensitizing the skin over a period of time. According to Perry, the Capsaicin and Nettle are the two key ingredients in the PepperCare formula that help block topical allergic reactions, but overall it’s the natural botanical oils that regenerate damaged skin. “It’s the ultimate in replenishing dry skin. I mean like those chapped and cracked winter hands. I don’t care how bad your hands get this winter – use peppercare one night and wear a pair of non-latex gloves and I guarantee your hands will look like new in the morning,” says Bob Haines, VP of Operations for SiCap Industries. “The greatest thing is it moisturizes your skin naturally yet it doesn’t leave you feeling oily at all. It really makes your skin like new. We’re very excited about this product and I believe it’ll one day be considered a breakthrough in skin care,” adds Perry. Perry also says people with problem oily skin can benefit from PepperCare too, claiming this unusual cream can also help to clear up acne and related conditions. For oily skin, Perry says, “Start by washing your face with a good mild soap. Then use PepperCare cream as normal, and wait 5 minutes. Next, gently wet the area with a splash of cool water, and finish by gently padding the area dry. Don’t rub….juts pad it. This daily regimen every night at bedtime will wipe away most acne conditions within a 10 days guaranteed.” PepperCare skin conditioning cream is available at select stores, and on the web at ( )You can also learn about other Capsaicin products from SiCap Industries on the web at ( Samples and press kits are available for qualified media and medical personnel. Wayne Perry can be reached directly at (518) 869-1165 or via email at ( This press release was issued through GroupWeb EmailWire.Com. For more information on press release distribution, go to