So you want to raise awareness

Is it possible to make a world leader pay attention? Over the last few years it's dawned on me that the greatest impact I can make is raising awareness. Not by means of becoming a celebrity, but by simply propagating ideas, that the more influential will pick up and run with..A reasonable illustration would be the major charities now calling on government to make child rights central to international development policy as Millennium Development Goals would be unlikely to be met without focussing on the need to place children in secure family homes. Another would be the British Council's initiative to take social enterprise into Ukraine supported by Price Waterhouse Coopers.Both of the above have their roots in work we began 6 years ago laying out a strategy to break a vicious cycle of poverty which circulated children abandoned to the state into be exploited by crime and vice, to produce yet more children born into poverty. EveryChild who we'd visited on Valentines Day 2006 in Kyiv, was to be one of the first recipients of this paper. .Bill Gates one of the world's most wealthy men, now says capitalism can be used for social benefit and wants others to pledge at least 50% of their wealth to help those in need. Where did both of these ideas come from - the same source, a man I persuaded to end a fast for economic rights in 2003.The fast was clearly a failure and he was at risk of perishing without being noticed, yet his ideas posted intentionally on the web to seed a "virus" have come around to influence major influencers.Consider that Presidential candidate Obama served at the time on the Senate Committee for Foreign Relations and that David Cameron pitched for inclusive capitalism at Davos.. Look closely at that work and you''l also see the roots of the US Social Innovation Fund and what we're planning now with a Big Society Bank. A seed fund for community driven initiatives.