Some stats about the Israeli current Hi-tech situation

Some Israeli Hi-tech stats: since 2002 over 100 startups sold to international players, Israeli innovation is second only to the U.S., $1.4B in Hi-tech export in 2009 alone, Israel is 1st globally in the number of scientists per capita, $5k/M is the average salary in the hi-tech industry back here, over 50k R&D professionals work in Israel, over 10k computer science students in 2008 alone ,since mid 2008 almost 2000 new startups were born in Israel, yet out of 90 VCs operating in Israel during the last 10 years only a third left, Israel need fresh foreign investments, spread the word and point interested parties to IsraelRegardsSharon WeshlerGlobal MarkeTeam VenturesCell MarkeTeam Ventures, Investments that make sense is our BusinessHttp://"Unless U try 2 do something beyond what U have already mastered, U will never grow." (Ralph Waldo Emerson)