SPARK 4 - Distinction: Everything that happens is neutral.

Dear wild thinking ecademists !SPARK 4 . . . Distinction: Everything that happens is neutral . . . Notes: When something is, it just is. Its existence has no meaning. When something happens, it just happens. The action implies nothing. There is no connection between whether something is or is not, happens or does not happen, and any kind of meaning we may want to give to it. The meaning is not automatic no matter who or what is involved. Meaning does not exist in nature. Everything is originally neutral. Meaning is a creation of the human mind, and is one hundred percent independent of circumstances.Any meaning could be given to any incident. This is not how it seems to us. We experience meaning as meaningful. Here is why: we created our Box as our original survival strategy. Since we are still alive it is clear that our survival strategy works (because if our survival strategy did not work we would be dead!) Therefore, included in the survival strategy is the imperative that, above all else, our Box must preserve itself (figuring that if our Box can preserve itself it can preserve us!) In order to preserve itself, our Box has positioned itself as an interface between us and the world. As a result, we do not directly experience the world as it is. Whatever we experience has already been filtered, censored, and modified by the Box ("to protect us"). Whatever we express has already been edited, formulated, and repackaged by the Box ("for our own good"). The Box adds spin, slant, and propaganda. The Box politicizes experience, gives things names, and uses reasons, emotions, criticisms and interpretations to polarize neutrality into good/bad, right/wrong, friend/enemy, superior/inferior, and so on. This keeps us in our Box, puts everything else in its Box, eliminates options, and erases possibility from our world. For a Possibility Manager, options are essential, so a Possibility Manager seeks neutrality. No matter how it seems, everything that happens is neutral.Experiment: Learn the various ways your Box gives meaning to what is happening. Spend some time closely observing your . . . more wild thinking . . . *schmunzelgrins* (which means: megabright and cheaky smiling)Warm regards,Andreas Wiedow, dancin' with BeoniT. . . see ecademists feedback here . . . Join the Optimism Club Today