Styles take the frustration out of formatting

Using Styles to Speed up your Formatting in Word 2010

Styles are a collection of formats that can be applied in one go.If you have created a house style for your organisation then it pays to invest a little time in creating styles that can be applied again and again. Styles fit right in to your business process, by taking a little time to set them up, they speed up and streamline your work.For example, if you want all your headings to be dark blue, centred, Arial and size 22 this means every time you create a heading you would have to make all of those changes separately. With a Heading Style you can save all of those separate bits together as Heading Style 1 and then apply them all in one go.In Word 2007 Microsoft introduced Quick Styles and these have continued in Word 2010. Styles have always existed, however now they are a snap to apply and you can see what they look like before you decide.Here is a document with Styles applied:

To apply a Heading style

1. Click on the heading you wish to change2. Click on the Heading Style of your choice in the Styles Group3. Look at the document you will see an example of what the heading will look like4. Click on the Style to apply it.You can change the Style Set to a different one if you can't find a style that you like:1. Click Change Style2. Select Style SetNow select a set that you like - as you can see when you hover over a style, Word shows you what the changes will look like.When you find a Style Set that you like, click on it and the Style Set will change.You can see this in action on our YouTube Channel - HERE - in a sample lesson from our online training courses.Till next time...Shelley FishelThe IT Training Surgery LimitedAccredited with The Learning and Performance Institutewww.theittrainingsurgery.comFollow me on twitter @shelleyfishel