Thank You For Your Support.

Good Morning,I have been wanting to write blogs on this site for a little while now but I have to admit I have been rather scared due to the complex posts (they seem that way to me) that a lot of people write. When reading your posts and trying to understand them I have felt intimidated for a couple of reasons.1, I am at the begining of my journey of starting my own business and have many start up questions and I wonder how many times the questions I have would of been asked before.2, I am not that educated so after reading other posts and seeing the rather long words I worry about my own writing capabilities with spelling and grammer.My first question I had i sent as a PM to Lyndon and the reply I got was 'write a blog' so I did. I would like to thank everyone for not shooting me down, taking the time to answer my questions and especialy to those who sent me PM's to show even further support.I hope anyone else who is sitting in the wings may read this and it may help them to start blogging if they felt the same as I did.Have a great day,Gavin