That's Life, with or without Esther Rantzen

That's Life, with or without Esther RantzenYou wake up in the morning, reluctantly. Damned alarm clock. The pressure's already started. Mouth dry as the surface of MarsÂ… Headache? Hopefully not another migraine. Strange aches and pains and warning signs in the lower abdomen and it could be one of those irritable days when everything tastes wrong and feels icky. Or what about having a pain in the groin that makes you want to go to Wiki for the definition of herniaÂ…What happened last night? Did you go too far in that frank and fearless discussion? Will she ever trust you again? Is he just like all the others, unreliable, selfish, unsupportive when it mattersÂ…Oh God, there's people to phone this morning. An important sales call that you'd rather die than make. Why isn't there a magic fairy who can do that for you? And a letter to write to the taxman. And monthly accounts to finish and the VAT, not to mention too much work on a project that is starting to challenge your confidence in your own ability. That great client is going to slip away. They've never been three months late on an invoice before. Something is wrongÂ…Maybe the website is the problem? Perhaps the market's getting overcrowded? Recession. Debt. Wish you hadn't booked that holiday in Bali at New Years. Wish you hadn't changed cars last October. Wish you hadn't remortgaged in 2009 with such a huge penalty charge to escape from it.Still, at least it's just life. Could be worse. If that inflammation turned out to be, you knowÂ… Best friend's had a heart attack and he went jogging every day. Mum's got late onset. Julie that you used to work with lost her son in a car accident and now she's paralysed, exhausted, looks like she's never going to recover. It'll be divorce next and then who knows what. Terrifying how a life can just fall apart. All OK one minute and gone the next.None of us is getting any younger. It's all starting to wear out. Menopause soon. Can't get it up some days. Rather just have another glass of plonk and fall asleep. Not to mention global warming and a worthless pension fund.Never mind. Don't be depressed. Think positive. Go online to the la la land of social media where you can act the entrepreneur, pretend you have friends, scan Facebook for gorgeous photos and evocative statements about, you know, lifeÂ…Good luck with that.