the 5 stages of Going Social!

It is so hard for some people to 'Go Social'. For others it is too easy!The balance of knowing where to spend your time and how to spend it is not easy.Some people are embarrassingly social, especially on twitter we all wonder what they do with thier lives and why on earth they think we would be interested in their drivelothers are so academic and transactional that we are bored by the second tweet or second line of their Blog'Going Social' is like any Personal Development goal. We have to want it, know why we want it, take time to perfect it, learn it, do it and then create habits.I created this 5 step process for coahcing people1. Be aware - go from total ignorance to awareness that things are happening that we should consider2. Get Motivated - once aware start to see the opportunity and get excited3. Understand - understand what is actualy going on, the tools and the tech,m but critically, understand what you should be saying, and what your social brand is4. Doing - start to do some stuff! - experiment, set up your profile and take a leap of faith into being Open, Random and Supportive5. Habits - finally, don't expect much until you have the habits in place! Thomas' advice is that you need to Tweet daily, Blog weekly and Video monthlyThis advice is based on any change you need to make and takes you from subconscious incompetence all the way to subconscious competenceThink about anything that you have had to learn, walking, driving, these all take stages that enable you to perfect them and not see them as a task any moreSuch a relief when you form habits in life, providing they are positive ones!I hope this helps anyone that is trying to create change or is coaching someone through change.warm regardsPenny PowerFounder of Ecademy and Digital Youth AcademyHelping you build social capital in your business and lifeFollow @pennypowerI support:Digital Business Britain Manifesto;&nbsp