The battle of the billions @google versus @facebook

So with Facebook's $100bn IPO coming in 2012 the battle royale commences between Google and Facebook. Who's the Pepsi, who's the Coke? And which tastes better in the long run? Which is best for us personally and which is best for us professionally?Facebook are floating 10% of their shares that will give them $10bn in working capital assuming it is all subscribed and most believe it will be. Many believe Facebook's share price will triple within a few years as they acquire for paper twitter (facebook lite), linkedin (facebook pro), ebay (facebook marketplace), paypal (facebook bank) yahoo-bing (facebook search) to get huge scale and revenue very fast. It's massively problematic acquiring and integrating these people and systems but we do know Mark Zuckerberg is focused on being the first trillion dollar market cap company and this is achievable possibly as early as 2020. Google know it's coming and are buying one company per week so they are pre-arming for the batte of the billions.The rules remain the same all along "the winner of the game is the one with all the names". Dear thanks to Mark Sinclair for directing me in this expression.