The #borndigital advantage 'watch these great young people' - thanks to @gazelleFE and @digitalyouthac

At a recent conference in Liverpool, the Global Entrepreneur congress, I was very privileged to present a workshop on the 'advantage our Born Digital Generation' to the Business Community within the UK. 200 amazing, bright, motivated and lively College Students took part thanks to the Gazelle Group , a consortium of Colleges and Principles, led by the amazing Fintan Donohue, Principle of North Hertfordshire College my role as Founder and Acting CEO for Digital Youth Academy I am excited by the pending launch of the Social Digital Apprentice. A dream I had in March 2011 ( see my first Blog on this HERE ) which will become a reality next month when we have our first cohort of learners through 3 Pilot Partners, Middlesbrough College, Guildford College and Key Training. The role out across the UK will happen soon after.I am so impressed by the Principles of the Colleges I have been fortunate to meet, their passion for the Young people and the teams they have assembled to work on new ideas and initiatives is quite mind-blowing. It takes time to make changes but I can assure you the desire and competence of those I have met give me faith that we will see a marked change in the education of our Young People in the coming years toward an entrepreneurial and enterprising spirit.On Wednesday night I presented at the Guildford College Apprenticeship Evening to potential employers and we were blown away by the desire and pledges to hire a Social Digital Apprentice, some of who pledged to hire two or more.Take a look at this video of these great people, they could be working for you!warm regardsPenny PowerFounder of Ecademy and Digital Youth AcademyHelping you build social capital in your business and lifeFollow @pennypowerI support:Digital Business Britain Manifesto;&nbsp