The dumb masses are killing social networks with advertising messages

As the masses swarm on to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to support their business goals I wonder if a lack of education is going to kill social media?I started to have this thought last week after @PennyPower tweeted about Facebook becoming less social. I was further irritated by the subject as I asked some of my LinkedIn Groups for recomendations on social media monitoring tools - I was met with a wall of silence from virtually all of them.Could it be that engagement, the very value of all these connections, is being forgotten? I fear the reason is something to do with this example. It happened to me yesterday. I took a call from an old friend. He has finally got a smartphone - Blackberry - and he has started using Linkedin. His company he says are "behind the competition but want to start using it". They've decided to get some training and would like me to come in and do it. Great so far."Your goals?" I asked. And this is where the problem starts.The view within the company is that their competition are using LinkedIn to find opportunities and promote events. Not wanting to be left behind they want to do the same. As I started to explain the principles of a digital mindset and sharing before selling I realised that his views were more and more my experience of LinkedIn. It was hard work. This was marketing and sales he was talking about. Content and participation had not really been considered, let alone what value he could bring to others. Thankfully I have the opportunity to shift their thinking. Oh that is of course if we can convince the Directors - older, not on LinkedIn and no Blackberry.So here is my request. If you see someone prospecting and selling and not engaging please share some advice with them today. Your favourite blog, podcast or other resource. As a Digital Coach I sometime worry about the number of social media trainers, etc popping up all over the place. Then I realise that there are way more businesses who need help and direction than there could ever be trainers!Social Media Success Engineer"It's why you are doing it that makes the difference"tel: 02032862306To Be