The impossibility to share an experience

After my mother died, december 2003,i spent at least one night per week with my father.Week after week,he would tell me the same story,over and over again.I had been practicing my belief system,and the latest belief i experimented with was:"i want what i get".No longer would an opinion about this repetition suffice,no longer could i get away with my wish to be spared from this same happened in my i needed ask my self: "why does this happen in my life?"and, after some weeks, i began to understand.i sat with my father,and said to him:"you know, i think i want to share an experience!but, you know what?until i have had this experience that you speak of,i will not know what you are talking about.and when i have had this experience,i will already know what you tell me."my father, at that point,said nothing, he just smiled,and never again told me that specific story.---my father died six months after my mother,he was not ill, he just missed her.i think the time has come where i miss my dad.warmest regards,Ron