The Lift and Spin Hug

The Lift and Spin HugThe Lift and Spin Hug is an advanced hug, not for the beginner or the faint of heart. The hugger lifts the huggee off the ground and spins them around, twirling them in a circle before returning the huggee to the ground. Think of it as the merry-go-round of hugs!The Lift and Spin Hug is one of the most spontaneous hugs, making it both physically and emotionally uplifting for lovers, parents and sometimes complete strangers.You'll find this hug wherever you find excited, happy people, people who have been re-united after time apart or people who have something fantastic to celebrate.This is one of the fun hugs that plants a smile on your face, places some laughter in your heart, a twinkle in your eye and puts a spark into life. The Lift and Spin Hug is a memory maker.A Lift and Spin Hugger is always bound to surprise you with something exciting!
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