The Mastic Asphalt Spreader revisited

Focust email newsletter - Thursday 28th October 2004The Mastic Asphalt Spreader revisitedWhen I was at school they were pretty hot on encouraging us all to get a decent job through studying well, otherwise we’d end up as a ‘mastic asphalt spreader’, i.e. the bloke who spreads out the smelly stuff on road/pavement repairs. I’d forgotten all about the mastic asphalt spreader but subconsciously I still considered such a job as being the lowest of the low as I went through the years that followed.So I was quite surprised when I went to the web site of JPSC Surfacing Solutions and the first page I saw was their overview ( that turned my narrow perception inside out.Reading through that page, the seemingly grotty job of fixing pavements and small roads suddenly became less a mental image of a bloke with a rake and a builders bum, scraping out smelly tar, and instead became more of a job that people take pride in. On that initial web page alone one message comes across loud and clear: quality.It plainly states that JPSC wanted to convert a ‘scruffy’ industry into a high profile one through good value and quality service. To back this up they go on to talk about how they gained their ISO9002, ISO9001, Investors in People, and OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Management System.That page is well worth any company, whatever the industry, reading through, purely because it gets such a clear message across to the potential customer: “we are a quality company who ensure that our systems are perfect and our staff are the sort of people you, the client, would want to be associated with”. Taking this further, they have a page about their environmental aims ( and another page that has more detail on their management systems (, which adds a considerable amount of confidence to the mind of the person reading about this company.So why am I raving so much about this site? Well, perhaps it’s because 90% of the time I’m ripping sites apart in my writing and so it’s a pleasure to give credit where credit is due. Maybe also it’s partly to do with that subconscious misconception about road workers that I’ve had in my head for 20+ years that can now be corrected. Old Mrs Best, the teacher who hit home the message about the mastic asphalt spreader all those years ago, may have been right at the time, but if she was about nowadays she’d have to find a new grotty job role to use as a stimulant due to companies like JPSC changing the industry and promoting the fact well via their web site. Andy HarrisFocustGenerating revenue through targeting customers effectivelyhttp://www.focust.bizandy@focust.bizFree web strategy tips and advice email newsletter: 365277