The online world forces us to define ourselves

In every 121, Training Course, Speech and Coaching session I do the topic always returns to the subject of 'who am I and what is my value to others?'This is not a mid-life crisis type of remark, this is a critical part of creating value online. The fact is that unless you know your value to others and what your message is to the world it is impossible to gather the type of followers that will have an impact on your business and give you the ROI (Return on Investment) that you seek.We all need to be Known for something, we seek to be Liked and Trusted for our contribution to the livelihood and well-being of others and if we do that well then we will achieve a following.Ultimately Seth Godin's promise to us in his book 'Permission Marketing' was that if we engage with Strangers and turn them into Friends we will achieve Customers. What I see online is a huge amount of engaging with Strangers, (first tick), I see many people turning those strangers into Friends, (second tick) but few really achieve the customer element from all this engagement and the sharing and kindness bestowed. So why is that?The tough part is 'Have you defined yourself online?'. 'What do you stand for?''What is your message to the world?''What are you leading?'To have followers you must lead. So who are you serving?Who can you help the most?Whose frustrations do you solve?Whose needs do you fill?and finally...Why you?What is unique about the way you do it?What journey have you been on that makes you able to solve problems for others?What is your gut driving you to do?What is your heart trying to repair?What is your brain able to deliver for others?Before you Blog, before you Tweet, before you re-write your profile, before you touch your keyboard again think about this, say this to yourself:I am leading something online that is very special, I can move people, shift minds, change lives, and I do this because I care. Now I need to show people how I care, I need to teach, serve and support people and then they will help me to define my value and then, and only then can I achieve followers".

Everyday you are supporting people, everyday you are caring, there is a deep underlying reason that you are doing what you do. Connecting your heart to your head and learning how to use technology to spread that message is essential for financial success.
The old world was driven by transactions and customer management. The new world is driven by community and supporting.So who are you and how do you define yourself? If you don't know, then how can we truly value you and become your customer?What has your journey to discovering your value been? I would love to hear.Warm regardsPenny Power +447771 543478Founder-EcademySupporting Business PeopleBuy the Book